Introducing Colour Into Your Home


Do you like the idea of introducing some colour to your home but don’t know where to start? Maybe the idea of introducing colour is way too daunting in case you decide you…

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Sofa Sessions with @100yearsinthemaking


We were lucky enough to catch up with Frances @100yearsinthemaking – home renovator, DIY hacker, mama, teacher, blogger and podcaster (all round superwoman!) to discover more about her renovation and DIY tips!

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Minty Lamb Cobbler


We’ve made this tasty dish many times here at Cabyn HQ. It’s a winner if you need to feed a larger group, and the kids love cutting the dumplings!

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Biophilia: Bringing Nature into Your Home


‘Biophilia’ isn’t the sexiest sounding word in design but it is pretty hot right now! The term translates to ‘the love of living things’ in ancient Greek and its core principle is to…

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Rather Good Rocky Road


Make this with the kids as an end-of-homeschooling treat! Whether you’re at the stage of needing a pick-me-up, or you are ready to celebrate, then this easy recipe is a little bit of…

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Simply Sophisticated: Minimalist Design


If elegant, understated and simple is something you’re dreaming to achieve – in this blog, we share how you can master a minimalist aesthetic, emphasising the space as a whole, rather than the…

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Sofa Sessions with @twopigsonehouse


Fran @twopigsonehouse has just completed a major renovation and extension of her home. The result is a fantastic contrast of period style property with a contemporary extension. We caught up with her to…

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Tips For Styling Your Mantelpiece


We share our tips for styling your mantel and show you which Instagrammers are mastering their mantelpiece styling.

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Spanish Chickpea Stew


If you’re well into Veganuary, or even if you just want an easy, tasty and nutritious meal using simple store cupboard ingredients, then give this Leon recipe a go!

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Sofa Sessions with


Having already completed one gorgeous home renovation on her former home (seen here) Sophie is on to her next! We caught up with her to discover more about her style and renovation…

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