Furniture TLC

Love Your Stuff!

This little guide has been put together to help you love your Cabyn purchases just that little bit more. Our furniture is made by skilled craftsman with love and care, our traditional methods of screwing, doweling and glueing mean our furniture is strong and long-lasting and we are happy to offer a 10 year warranty on the frames. We have selected a great range of fabrics and each range has it’s own characteristics and care requirements. Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear but we always recommend for any build up of dirt that you have them professionally cleaned by an upholstery specialist.

Here are a few of our tips for the general care of your fabric and furniture:

* Regular vacuuming with the brushy part of the nozzle will help stop the build up of dust and dirt, take extra time over folds, pleats and seams.

*Keep your fabric out of direct sunlight and not too close to heat (e.g. too close to open fires or radiators).

*Any little snags can be trimmed away carefully with scissors – avoid the temptation to pull on them.

*Regular plumping of cushions please – Mike Tyson style. Giving feather filled cushions a good plump will keep them in shape and stop feathers from clumping and going lumpy

*By all means put your feet up. Just take your shoes off first.

*Accidents happen and if you do have any spillages mop them up straight away with a dry absorbent cloth.

*Do not rub or scrub or use any liquid, even water, this can cause watermarks, discolouration or further staining.

*Seek professional cleaning advice or if you have taken out the Guardsman Protection Plan please refer to the advice here.

All our upholstered furniture adheres to strict domestic fire retardancy UK standards.