Measuring Up

Measuring Up!

Here’s our little guide to taking your measurements and making sure your sofa can get through the front door and round all the bends in your house. Please remember this is just a guide and as our furniture is handmade the product dimensions can vary by -/+3cm.

1. Check the dimensions for your sofa on our website and make a note.

2. Most of our sofas are delivered with the feet unattached, making the height dimension lower by approx. 15cm. Check with the Cabyn team if this is crucial to your measurements.

3. Open your front door and check the measurement of the narrowest point.

4. If the sofa won’t fit then check the height of the inner door frame against the length of the sofa, could it be carried through upright?

5. Check the hallway and internal doors, measuring the width of your hallway at its narrowest point and check that it’s wider than the height of your sofa. Don’t forget to allow for radiators, handrails and any other immovable objects.

6. If your sofa is going upstairs measure the width of your stairs at the narrowest point, again allowing for handrails and light fittings. If you are still unsure our delivery partners can carry out an access check for a small fee. Please speak to one of the Cabyn team to arrange this.