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3 Ways to Embrace Summer at Home

Posted on: 06.07.2018

With these lovely light evenings and the abundance of sunshine we’ve enjoyed recently, we’ve been looking at ways to welcome in this long-awaited season with simple updates your home. Everyone loves the feeling of holiday; sandy toes, salty breeze, walking barefoot in the grass…finally we no longer need to daydream about such summer days – they are here! And if you’re not lucky enough to be on a permanent holiday (who is?), then these are simple ways to introduce the basics of summer into your home.

Stay Outside Longer

Enjoy the feeling of being abroad where it stays warm long into the evening, and milk the outdoor life as long as you can with the help of some affordable and portable lighting. Create a magical summer night’s atmosphere with candlelight, even in the smallest of spaces. As the sun dips and dusk transcends, dot lanterns around your patio and garden. Invite friends over and huddle round the fire pit with drinks and snacks and chat through the flickering flames long after the sun has gone down for the night.

Switch to Summer Accessories

Switch heavy indoor blankets and throws for lighter cotton throws, add bright, boho cushions and switch pictures with summer-themed prints. Opt for eco-friendly rugs made from plastic bottles so you can take them outside and laze on the grass! By choosing accessories with versatility it’s easy to take the indoors out…and then back in again! Make a point of taking time out at home to enjoy the afternoon, it’s too easy to get swept up in an ever-increasing to-do list. Adopt the mantra “mañana, mañana”. Create a spot in the garden with the sole purpose of having a snooze or finishing the book that’s been on your bedside table for too long.

Introduce Summer Scents

Introduce scents that we associate with summer and you’ll be taken back to memories of the seaside and lazy days spent in the garden. Our favourite fragrances conjure associations with the outdoors and make us reminisce of walks along the beach and running barefoot in the grass.  Our Lawry Betty candles will provide a blissfully scented atmosphere for 30 hours.


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