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A Guide To Choosing The Right Fabric

Posted on: 02.10.2020

Once settling on the style and size of the sofa you desire, then comes the decision of what colour and fabric to go for, before you can finally sit back and cosy up on your dream design. Choosing the right fabric can determine the whole scheme and feel of the room it’ll sit in for many years to come, so getting it right can be a big decision!

Pattern or solid colour? Bold or neutral? Fabric or leather? There are infinite possibilities to express yourself while setting the tone of a room with upholstery.

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture, whether that’s a sofa, chair, bed or footstool can be a challenge, which is why we source from only the best fabric houses in the UK to ensure an enduring love affair with your furniture.

Our fabulous collection features sumptuous velvet’s, lovely linens, cosy wool’s and so many more, so here are a few ideas for you to consider when finalising your fabric choice.


Functionality is key. Assess the level of abuse your furniture will endure over its lifetime to help determine the right type of fabric for your home. Stain-resistant and washable fabrics are much improved these days, giving greater durability and design options.

If you’re choosing a fabric for a sofa which needs to withstand high footfall, lots of use and perhaps the odd spill or stain due to children, pets (or a red wine lover!) then opt for a durable fabric that’ll look lovely for longer.   Our washable Union Linen range remains a popular choice offering style and versatility along with practicality and durability.

Our House Edit ranges also offer greater durability in a selection of neutral colours, so if you’re looking for a fabric that’ll look great in your home for a longer period of time that won’t change with the trends, then be sure to add these to your sample list!

If you’re looking for a little luxury in your fabric but need it to work hard for your home too, our range of Savvy Velvets are the perfect choice. It is a particularly hard-wearing range, designed to look and feel like more expensive cotton velvet. Our stain resistant velvet offers a colourful new spin on an enduring classic.


Furniture texture is certainly a good starting point, especially as you’re most likely to come into physical contact with it. Imagine running your hands over a super soft and opulent Savvy velvet.  Or sinking down in an exquisite cotton-linen blend, with its beautiful brushed finish and exceptionally soft, peach-skin feel that adds a luxurious quality to our Linen Union range.  Bliss!

Interesting textures aren’t only pleasing to look at, but when you contrast them, they can provide a sense of balance too.  If your colour palette, for example, is made up of similar neutral shades, you can interrupt the consistency by changing up the fabric textures on an arm chair or love seat – look for velvet, wool, and leather to pair with your light pieces.

You can also evolve the textural contrasts throughout the year. For example, a linen sofa might go from having cool cotton and silk cushions in summer to sumptuous velvet and faux fur in winter.


Colour is often the first thing we think about when purchasing a new piece of furniture. Just like the style of your fabric, colour can easily dictate the feeling of a room.

If you’re going for a show stopping piece, a brightly coloured velvet fabric will work wonderfully and certainly take centre stage.

If you’re adding a sofa into a room where the colour scheme has already been decided, a neutral option is often the most popular. Colour ways such as blue, grey and beige can easily be a part of your home for many years. Neutral colours are easy to style around and can be effortlessly updated as styles and trends change throughout the years.

Remember you can still create texture with your fabric choice if your concern is that a solid neutral colour might be too safe an option for you!

Take the shape of the furniture into consideration when you’re choosing a fabric. If you’ve chosen a curvaceous piece solid-coloured fabrics work well and don’t distract from the design.  Take the size of the furniture into account, too. Larger pieces work well in a rich solid colour or classic neutral so you won’t tire of it over time.

Smaller pieces are perfect for adding colour and texture. Using bold fabric on accent chairs or footstools can really transform a room, but are easy to change out should trends or your tastes evolve.

Choosing a fabric isn’t just about how it looks on a screen, you need to get a good feel for it too before you make a decision. We offer free fabric samples to all of our customers. Choose up to 6 fabrics you love the look of and we will send the samples to you. As soon as they arrive, you can start creating something beautiful for your home!


We carefully select our fabrics for their durability, that will stand up to the rigours of family life, whilst remaining fabulous.

However, if you want added protection for your furniture we offer Guardsman Protection Plans that cover your new furniture against accidental stains and damage for five years.  During this time you can file as many claims as necessary.  There is no excess and covers you for new parts, labour and replacement items up to the indemnity value of your plan.  How’s that for a belt and braces approach to family life!


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Lots of love from 

Emma x

And all of us at CABYN

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