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A Little Bit More About How Our Sofas & Beds Are Made

Posted on: 11.05.2018

We really do feel rather passionately about quality, craftsmanship and British manufacturing. Cabyn was borne of a true belief in our product, we’re proud that our furniture is made right here in Blighty and that we support jobs and local, traditional industry.

All our furniture takes a step-by-step journey, with a skilled craftsperson working their magic at every stage. Beginning in the wood-shop, frames are built by skilled carpenters using sustainable, solid Beechwood. As the frames are crafted the silhouette of each piece starts to take shape as each joint is glued, screwed and dowelled before being hand-finished. We understand that buying a sofa or a bed is a long-term investment and that’s why we build them to last!

Once your fabric (and more about fabrics in a mo) has arrived the technical team chalk, cut and sew ready for the upholstery team to bring the elements together and the furniture to life.

Our fabric technicians are a team of skilled pattern-cutters and machinists, some have perfected their trade over 40 years in the business! A keen eye and a steady hand is paramount. Our deep buttoning method is something of a secret, but our makers are so skilled that even fabric with the narrowest of stripes lines up perfectly from button to button.  Upholstery is one of the most exciting and creative things to behold we reckon (but yes we are a little obsessed!)

Our sofa cushions are either filled completely with feather or they have a foam core with feather wrap depending on the model. Those with a foam core maintain an excellent shape whilst being soft, and the full feather cushions are bouncy, sinkable and cosy. Which sofa you choose depends on the appearance and firmness you want, but we can’t recommend highly enough coming to the showroom try out. Springy, supportive, firm, relaxed – all a matter of individual taste and opinion!

Back to the fabrics – our collection of over 70 fabrics has been carefully selected from some of the best fabric houses in the UK such as Romo and Ian Mankin. Simple, modern linens, bright luxurious velvets – all gorgeous! Have a little look at our current fabric collection.

Not only do our fabrics elevate an already great design into something totally beautiful, but they also withstand the demands of family life and are inherently stain resistant and/or washable. The rigour of family and modern day living need not inhibit or limit your choice of sofa.

If you are still worried about the impact of crazy kids, parties and Saturday night takeaways then for a belt and braces approach we work with Guardsman who have been providing excellence in furniture care for a very long time.

From top to bottom all the details count and so we’ve selected some simply designed hand-turned feet and legs that offer just the right amount of height to the overall sofa or bed, not too low that your Nana will get stuck, and not too high that you feel that you’re in the doctor’s waiting room. The choice here can be personalised even further with four simple finishes from flat matt to French oak.

But does all this talk of traditional methods mean our furniture isn’t cool, chic or stylish? No! Our designs are based on classics but have an updated, contemporary feel. Rolled arms or sleek box arms, fixed back or chunky cushions, we have a gorgeous range to suit any interior. Have a look at our collection and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Above – Walter Large Sofa in Savvy Velvet Wattle

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