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Brilliant Bonfire Night Activities

Posted on: 03.11.2018

As leaves crunch underfoot and the pumpkin frenzy continues (yes, we do have those oh-so-stylish ghost and blue pumpkins decorating the showroom… don’t think we’d have missed a trick!) cooler climes have well and truly taken hold and the summer sunshine that spoilt us this year seems a lifetime ago. It is certainly getting chilly outside – even with a hot toddy in hand! – but what better way to embrace the Autumn than to don your cosiest knit, your warmest parka and your most comfortable pair of boots and head out to enjoy one of the best of British traditions, the Bonfire Night celebrations. The rain is even set to hold off for most of the weekend – bonus.

There is a plethora of public displays taking place up and down the country this weekend, each promising to be a spectacular evening packed with live entertainment. However, if you plan to enjoy the festivities on a smaller scale with family and friends at home, or even if you wish to have twice the fun and spread the celebrations over to the big day itself on Monday 5th November, here are a few surefire ways to get in the spirit of all things Guy Fawkes…

Light up some sparklers and see what glittering shapes you can create! You’re never too old to enjoy writing your name in sparks against the crisp Autumn air, and seeing what dazzling pictures you can take in the process. A top tip for getting all sparklers lit at the same time is to place a couple of candles in open lanterns on an outside wall or table – not only is this easier than wandering around all your guests with lots of individual lighters, it also means that numerous sparklers can be placed against the flame at once and more people can enjoy the fun together.

There’s no shortage of sweet chestnuts around at this time of year, so make the most of this abundance of autumnal treasure and roast them over your bonfire as a tasty little treat before the main event. Our tip is to split the shiny skins first, allowing the tasty insides to go tender without causing explosions before the fireworks have begun!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, roasted marshmallows are another dangerously delicious addition to any November 5th party. Just make sure you’ve got some extra-long skewers at hand so as not to toast your fingers too! Try drizzling them with melted chocolate or sprinkling over hundreds and thousands for extra indulgence and child-friendly fun.

Keeping guests entertained throughout the evening is easy when there are so many traditions to uphold… Why not try one of the oldest in the book, apple bobbing! Another activity that is great fun for all the family, with the perfect prize for successful bobbers being a deliciously sticky toffee apple after dinner or a mug of potent mulled cider to warm freezing face and hands after plunging into the cold water. Worth it if you ask us!!


Words by Sophie Brentnall


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