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Designer Discoveries – Picking The Perfect Rug with @jordhome

Posted on: 28.05.2021

Jord Home is all about creating a gorgeous haven in your home through natural materials.  Jord translates as ‘from the earth’ across Scandinavia and really embodies our love of all things natural.

Jord Home specialise in rugs and natural ethically sourced sheepskins – with a particular focus on hard to source items.

What Inspired you to start Jord Home?

I was looking to furnish my first home (a long time ago now) and was really disappointed with the rugs available on the mass market.

I sourced some gorgeous cotton rugs that had been hand-braided on traditional wooden looms. I had lots of admiring comments from friends & family so decided to start selling them at little Brocantes and fairs and Jord Home was born.

How do you choose the perfect rug for your home?

There really is no right or wrong and its absolutely personal choice but there are 3 pieces of advice I’d give:

Go big – choose a rug that the feet of your furniture can ‘sit on’. This really helps to enlarge a room & create a cohesive space.

Choose machine washable – If you have a busy family home or have pets it really is worth going ‘low maintenance’ in the high traffic areas so you can just enjoy your home. Machine washable cotton rugs are amazing for this.

Create warmth – Sheepskins are super welcoming and tactile – they are fabulous draped over a bench as well as on the floor to really create a warm welcome for your guests.

Is texture and material important when choosing a rug?

I’m really passionate about choosing materials in your home that will create comfort, warmth and cosiness. Everything in our range is soft to the touch and it’s lovely to create that sensory experience to relax in at home.

What are the benefits of choosing a rug made of natural materials?

Natural materials like wood, cotton and sheepskins help to connect you with nature and the outside world. They can have a transformative effect to create a relaxing haven at home when you’ve been stuck in front of a screen for most of the day.

In what ways can a rug transform a space?

The thing with a rug is it’s a relatively inexpensive way to really freshen up a room . They can create a cosy feel at the side of the bed or can inject a little bit of colour into a room. Switching up your accessories like cushions, ceramics and rugs can help to create a fresh space for a modest investment.

How should you position or layer a rug?

The key to creating a sumptuous look regardless of size of your space is to ‘sit’ your furniture on the rug. So have your sofa positioned slightly on top of the rug – this gives a really lovely cosy effect rather than it ‘floating’ in the middle of the room.

How can a rug enhance a Modern Traditional interior?

A rug is a gorgeous addition to a modern traditional interior as it helps to create a cohesive room and tie the furnishings and decor together . The key is to style your space tonally – so use a complementary colour palette that blends the room together.

Check out @jordhome and the Jord Home website and discover your next homeware obsession.


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