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Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

Posted on: 05.01.2022

At the start of the new year, after the Christmas decorations have come down, our homes can feel a little bare and maybe ignite feelings of ‘same old’.  It’s no wonder we feel inclined to hit the reset and refresh button around the home and make changes to welcome in the new year and reinvigorate our spaces! Enhancing and refreshing our homes at this time of year helps us to reset, encourage positivity and get us ready to take on the new year in style.

Surfaces that make you smile

How are your surfaces looking?  Do you have a boring mantlepiece, cluttered dressing table, shelves that haven’t changed since you moved in? If these spaces leave you feeling far from, why not declutter and redesign the space into one that you love to look at.

It’s super simple to create styled arrangements that make you feel happy:

  • Use a base of some kind to anchor the arrangement such as a stack of books a trivet or tray.
  • Mix up the height and scale of the objects.
  • Play with visually interesting materials and textures such as glass, wood, metal, clay…
  • Use an odd number of objects, clusters of 3, 5 or 7 look best.
  • Introduce a pop of life, such as a pretty houseplant or flower arrangement.

For tips on how to style your mantlepiece or adding versatility to your existing homeware pieces check out the following articles: Styling your mantlepiece and Adding versatility to your tableware.


Kabul Bowl & Seagrass Tray | Cabyn

Rearrange your furniture

Simply rearranging furniture can have major impact on how you feel about your space. Consider switching side tables or occasional chairs between rooms or trying a different furniture layout within the one room. Or simply pull furniture away from walls to give breathing space to a room.

Winnie Armchair | Cabyn

Introduce a new colour palette

Colour has a profound effect on our emotions and mood. Introducing a new colour palette to a room makes a dramatic difference to the way we feel in the space.

Simply using 3-5 pops of your colour palette across a room is enough. An easy way to introduce colour is to select two colours and one neutral, and then use a ratio of 60:30:10 where 60% of the space is one of those colours, 30% is another colour and 10% is your accent colour. This is an effortless and fool-proof way to introduce a colour palette that feels harmonious.

Of course, if you feel bold, you could go BIG and paint some accent walls.

If you need help with where to start when introducing colour in to your home check out our article: Introducing colour into your home.


Declutter and free up your space! It might sound a little daunting to tackle the hoard of ‘stuff’ you may have collected over the years but, if you simply don’t love it any more or haven’t used it in the past 12 months, get rid!  It will honestly leave you feeling good!   Having a cleaner, fuss free space has an instantly calming effect.

Decluttering is also a good opportunity to sell items you no longer want or need to make money to buy that piece you always wanted.  (If you need an incentive to get started!)

If you desire a more minimal style of living, check out our article; Simply Sophisticated: Minimalist Design.

Invest in a rug

A rug is a relatively inexpensive way to freshen up a room . They can create a cosy feel at the side of the bed and inject a little bit of colour into a room.

The key to creating a sumptuous look regardless of size of your space is to ‘sit’ your furniture on the rug. So have your sofa positioned slightly on top of the rug – this provides a lovely cosy effect rather than it ‘floating’ in the middle of the room.

For more guidance on how to choose the perfect rug check out our article with the fabulous Gemma Jord Home: Picking the perfect rug with Jord Home.

Replace your cushions

When it comes to instant, low cost updates in the home, there’s nothing better than simply replacing your cushions!


You can instantly elevate an uninspiring living room with an array of bold, statement cushions. Use contrasting colours and prints for an eclectic feel that’s bursting with boho character. Don’t be afraid to mix up your textures too – combine deep-pile velvet with cotton and linen to create a tactile spot that’s perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

Rejuvenate your wall space

There’s a huge range of affordable wall prints on the market today and if you really want to treat yourself, you could commission an original artwork from a fave artist.

You could also consider weavings, wall-mounted plants and wall hangings to add a layer of lush to your walls, whilst a floating shelf will provide a highlighted spot to play with an ever-evolving vignette.

For ideas on how to add more visual interest to your home check out our article on how to add layer and texture to your home.

Introduce some nature into your home

We go on about this a lot (sorry!), but indoor plants are always a great idea! Not only are they pretty, they promote good well-being, improve mood, productivity and purify the air.  There is an endless choice of plants to choose from and plenty that are hard to kill, even for the totally un-green-fingered!!

You can find more ideas on how to introduce nature into your home in our article about biophilic design.

Light up your space

Lighting plays a big part in how we feel in our home.  If all the lighting in your home is from the ceiling, try investing in some floor or table lamps to introduce softer and more ambient lighting.

Lighting is the most multi-layered subject of all in the home. It is a matter of mixing different styles of source, choosing the right temperature of bulb, and spreading the light sources at different levels throughout the room so you have wave upon wave of illuminated texture and ambience.

Ignite your senses

Most of us have candles in our home as a decor piece but how often do you burn them? Life is short, burn the candles! Scent works on a subconscious level and creates ambience in our home in a way few other things can.

If candles aren’t your thing, perhaps picking up a diffuser or diffusing essential oils is an idea to try.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the home in Feng Shui philosophy. By incorporating certain elements into bedroom spaces, you can create harmony and comfort which can lead to improved wellbeing, better sleep and increased relaxation.

So, fall in love with your bedroom again and create a cosy space that encourages calm, serenity and peaceful rest.

Check out our article on how to style your bedroom for ultimate comfort.

Spaces to support your goals

Whether your new year resolutions are to rock it in business or take more time to yourself to unwind and relax, look at where you can create a dedicated space in your home to support your goals. Create a cosy nook or stylish office to inspire and motivate you.

If you need help in creating a home office that will keep you feeling motivated and productive check out our article: How to create your home office haven.


Feel inspired? Why not share your fresh new spaces with us and be the inspiration for fellow #cabyncrew.

Love from Emma and Emily


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