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Garden Gatherings: How To Create A Stylish Outdoor Space

Posted on: 16.07.2021

Tips for Styling Outdoor Spaces

With many of us unable to escape to sunnier climes this year it comes as no surprise sales in garden furniture is on a second year high!   We’re all looking to invest in what outdoor space we have ready for the summer.

As you sit in your garden, close your eyes and imagine yourself to be in the Mediterranean, are your dreams dashed by an unkept garden or clouded over by the British weather?

There’s not much we can do about the unpredictable British weather (and let’s not forget, it rains in the Med too!) But there are quick and easy ways to style up your outdoor living space with minimum effort so, when the sun is shining, gather your friends and bring the inside… out!

We’ve put together a few tips on how to make the most of your outside space, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, by treating it as another room in your house.

How to Create an Outdoor Dining Area

Dress your table (or picnic blanket) into a space that reflects the season, or your favourite holiday destination, and the ingredients you are going to use for the perfect al fresco dining experience at home.


Adding layers of texture to your table makes it look and feel more tactile and beautiful. Linen is a great choice of fabric for your tablecloth and napkins for its soft but rustic qualities (plus it only gets better the more it is washed).  Linen will soften and add a warming touch to hard surfaces and textures.


If you’re lucky enough to have some pretty plants and hedgerows in your garden, forage a few stems and flowers for your table centre pieces.  Stick to one to three types of flower to keep things looking sophisticated and not too busy.

Alternatively, check out your local florist or market for seasonal flowers – these will be cheaper and fresher when bought in season.

Wildflowers look great on a table at this time of year, for an informal pretty boho look.  If you’re looking to create a more formal or romantic ambience – little bundles of roses in between tealights, candlesticks or pretty glass jars will bring all the romantic feels to your tablescape.


Table Décor

Quick and easy outdoor styling ideas is to use what you already have in your home.  Not only will it connect your indoor and outdoor space, but you also won’t have to waste storage space or money buying in décor that will only come out during the summer months.

Grab a few vases, kitchen jars, candles, or ornaments from around your home to create the look and ambience you desire.  Or get creative using items you’ve scavenged from nearby places or holidays – seashells make great little dishes for butter, salt, or pepper. Sprigs of Rosemary, thyme or Lavender tied together with a ribbon or string look gorgeous placed on napkins.


Lots of candlelight on your table will set a beautiful ambience as day turns to eve.  Top Tip – According to Insta and TV chef Clodagh MacKenna – If you want the most flattering light, the flicker of a candle should be lower than your chin.

Festoon or fairy lights will create a warm ambient light in the summer evenings. String them across your space or wrap them round a pergola, tree trunks or hedgerows for a soft glow.

Hurricane lanterns, or tealights in paperbags /glass jars are great for illuminating corners of your garden or pathways and add another element of cosy.  Bundle them together or put out a few dotted in a line to make an impact.


Think of your outdoor space an extension of your indoor space.  You want it to be as comfy as possible for your guests!  If you have hard garden chairs bring out your cushions and style your seating like you would your sofa.

Go bright, patterned and bold for an exotic feel or neutral and sophisticated for a calm and chilled out space.

To introduce an extra dose of indoor outdoor living, place a garden rug down, not only will it help zone your space but bring an extra layer of comfort under foot for those who want to kick their shoes off and relax.

As Day Rolls into Eve

Drape throws or blankets over the back of chairs or roll them up and pop them in a basket for your guests to enjoy as the night gets chilly to keep them warm and your party going that little bit longer.

If you have reclining day beds pop them down into a flat position to create comfortable benches either side of a coffee table or fire pit.

Fire pits are an excellent way of adding warmth and perhaps a place to toast marshmallows.  I think we are naturally driven to gather around a fire and who doesn’t like to gaze at the flicker of a flame?

Easy Outdoor Dining Recipes

Check out the following recipes for some garden dining inspiration as you plan your next garden gathering!

Chilli Con Jackfruit

For a fresh and tasty alternative to the meat version try this fabulous recipe by Leon!

Spanish Chickpea Stew

If you want an easy, tasty and nutritious meal using simple store cupboard ingredients, then give this Leon recipe a go!

Beef, Ricotta & Oregano Meatballs

These are perhaps the lightest, fluffiest meatballs we ever encountered! A brilliant, easy recipe from Ottolenghi ‘Simple’.

A Very Smore-ish Recipe

S’more is a contraction of the phrase “some more” and you’ll certainly want more of these home treats!

Bring the campfire feels to your garden for the whole family to enjoy.

Outdoor Living Spaces We love

These are just a few of the Cabyn Crew home accounts we love!

Check out @twopigsonehouse, @placefortyeight and @house_on_the_crescent for some gorgeous garden dining inspiration.

… we’d love to see what you do with yours!

Emma & Emily


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