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Have Yourself A Scandi Little Christmas

Posted on: 15.12.2018

Christmas is associated with being a time of excess, and I’m sure most would agree that this often seems hard to avoid. With parties and presents pulling us in every direction, paring back Christmas craziness where possible can make all the difference to how chaotic this time can feel.

In a bid to collect our thoughts and channel some inner calm, at Cabyn we’re looking towards Scandinavian Christmas styling to prove that simple should not be snubbed.

You’ve probably come across the word Lagom over the last year or so, as it has overtaken Hygge as our latest Swedish obsession. Whilst the latter champions all things cosy and comforting (a very important aspect of self-care throughout the winter months, we must say) Lagom is all about finding balance in ‘just the right amount’. As Kathleen Bryson so brilliantly suggests, think Goldilocks when attempting to adopt this trait in all aspects of everyday life – not too little, but not too much… aim for just the right amount. There is virtue in moderation, and finding the perfect balance (though not always easy) can truly be the key to perfecting the art of simple living and styling. Take this advice from our Scandi friends and not only will you free up some valuable headspace this festive season, you’ll also be well on your way to living more sustainably, too.

Neutral colour palettes are the way to go if you’re looking to strip back your decorations this year. Incorporating natural textures such as foliage and wood will be comforting and grounding, whilst playing in to that stylish, rustic feel.

Plenty of greenery will add an instant festive flourish, with fragrant fir and eucalyptus and Christmas classics such as holly and ivy leading the way as our firm favourites. Foraging what you can from local hedgerows and woods will bring that all-important air of tranquillity to the home, as each sprig brings back the memories of a peaceful winter walk.

If you do feel like adding a bit of colour, try to keep to the theme that simple or natural is best. For example, soft metallics such as silver or pewter will be much more fitting than gold and can add a nice little twinkle if handled with care. Red berries dotted amongst holly will add to its charm and plain white or ceramic baubles will not look amiss on the tree.


Traditional Nordic style also includes little fabric santas, elves and mice at Christmas time. Complete with pointy hats and cute little button noses, they usually come in varying shades of cream, red and grey. If you’re decorating a house that has children to cater for, this can be a perfect compromise as it adds cuteness without clashing.

Simple place settings will look elegant and sophisticated, with white plates, linen napkins and classic cutlery all in keeping with the mantra that less is more. Layering these elements rather than spreading each out across the table will help to declutter the space and create focus on the smaller details.

When deciding upon lighting, think about how you can create a warm, subtle glow that will add instant atmosphere to your room. Candlelight is perfecting for setting the right tone, but if you think it’ll need a little extra help, fairy lights and side lamps work wonders for creating the perfect evening ambience. When placing candles, or any other decorations for that matter, working in multiples of three or five will always be more appealing. Trying to play around with different heights and sizes will also add an irresistible element of depth to your décor.

Like all things, it is important to inject a little personality into your styling in order for it to really feel like home, particularly at Christmas time. Just stick to clean lines and basic, natural tones and you’ll be well on your way to perfecting the look. Keeping things uncluttered and choosing just a few select and well considered decorations will make life much easier by saving the headache of too much tidying up come the new year. Like we said, it’s all about balance, so be kind to future you.

Words by Sophie Brentnall

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