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Home Escapes – How to Create a Cottagecore Home Interior

Posted on: 15.09.2021

Escape to the Country

Autumn is coming which means getting down and cosy! The perfect autumnal escape would be a gorgeous cosy cottage, surrounded by trees set alight with vibrant oranges and rusty reds and spectacular sunsets.  Followed by cosy evenings wrapped up in soft blankets, fire on, feet up and a warming cuppa.  Sounds idyllic right?

If this sounds right up your street, in this blog we’re sharing a few ideas on how to bring the chocolate box cottage feels to your home (with a modern twist!) and make staying at home feel like a cosy cottage retreat.

What is Cottagecore Design Style?

Cottagecore home interior has been an increasingly popular trend in 2021. You need only scroll through Instagram to see how the cottagecore interiors trend has influenced, well, influencers. It’s a whimsical and homely aesthetic that saw a huge rise in popularity during lockdown due to the desire to connect to a simpler life and celebrate the everyday.

Following a lot (LOT) of time at home over the last couple of years, many homeowners have been getting back to nature.  Whether that’s been getting green fingered and growing vegetables, or opting for more natural, earthy materials in their home.

Cottagecore was born from a desire to return to this slower way of living and revels in the romance of rural life and celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts.  

Cottagecore design shifts away from the shabby chic to something more minimalist yet quintessentially British.  It’s a trend that is all about creating a wholesome, rural vibe, whether you live in a country cottage or a high-rise apartment.   It embraces simplicity and encourages people to enjoy being in the comfort of their own homes.

Do you crave for a simple life?  One that is filled with a scent of freshly made bread, wild meadows and rural romance?  Unfortunately, none of us became expert bread makers during lockdown, so we can’t help you in the kitchen.  However, we can share some tips on how to style your home that’ll help you make your space feel cottage-like cosy, and incredibly stylish with its modern rustic charm.

How do you make a room look Cottagecore?

There are certain characteristics that are instantly recognisable with the cottagecore interior trend. For example, natural materials including wood and plants which merge your interiors with the outside world.

The ethos is whimsical and nostalgic but with quirky and eco-friendly elements that reflect our need for beauty and sustainability.  Think handmade, muted, mellow and above all, pretty things that spell pastoral pleasure.

Traditionally, cottage-style interiors have a very muted or neutral colour palette – this still stands with cottagecore but as it’s brought into a more contemporary setting you can experiment with colour a bit more to suit your own personal style.

Linen and Wool

Linens are soft, warming and provide a relaxed, lived in and carefree feel (plus it only gets better the more it is washed). Layering with wool blankets, provide extra warmth and cosy textures for ultimate comfort.

For more ideas on how to add Layers and Textures check out our blog here

Beautiful Table Settings

Home-made, or grown, food goes hand in hand with the cottagecore ethos and the shift towards more sustainable living.  As more of us have become green fingered, growing our own vegetables or honing those baking skills.

If you love to dine, make the most of your dining space.  Create your tablescape by adding layers of texture to your table to make it look and feel more tactile and beautiful. Linen is a great choice of fabric for your tablecloth and napkins for its soft but rustic qualities.  Linen will soften and add a warming touch to hard surfaces and textures.

If you’re lucky enough to have some pretty plants and hedgerows in your garden, forage a few stems and flowers for your table centre pieces placed an assortment of vases or kitchen jugs.  Sprigs of Rosemary, thyme or Lavender tied together with a ribbon or string look gorgeous placed on napkins.

For table styling inspo check out our blog here


Natural Plants and Flowers

Nature creates a relaxing, welcoming environment.  Introducing houseplants, bunches of dried flowers or stems will bring the rural, wild meadow feels to your interior.

Interior Design that connects us to nature is proven to make us happier, reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, boost our productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of wellbeing.

Check out our blog on ways to bring nature in to your home to enhance your interior and connection with nature.

Country Cottage Fireplace

Relaxing in front of a fire has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures!  If you’re lucky enough to have an open log fire or wood burner there’s something both mesmerising and comforting about the flicker and crackle of a flame.  It evokes a primal connection and a sense of belonging.

Whether your fire is real or not, you can style your mantelpiece to create the hearth and heart of your home.

Log stacks, baskets, candles and vases of flowers evoke all the cottage feels.  Play with natural textures to add interest, a tactile feel and earthy element.

Tips for styling Your Mantelpiece

Botanical Prints

Botanical artwork and prints provide further reference to nature and rural charm.  Use as wall hangings or find floral printed cushions to pretty up your space or inject some colour within a neutral scheme.


Feel inspired to Cottagecore your home?  Check out our Homeware pieces and get creating your very own Home Escape.


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