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Home Escapes – How to Create a Coastal Home Interior

Posted on: 23.08.2021

Coastal Chic Interior Design

If you’re missing out on your favourite destination this year, or you’re suffering from post-holiday blues, we’ll be sharing ideas on how to incorporate your favourite holiday destinations into your home. So, whether your idea of heaven is sat under tropical palms by the sea, the cosiness of a quintessential English cottage, the calm of a cabin by the lakes, being lost in the wilderness or mountainous adventures – we’ll show you how to bring these feels back from your holidays and make being at home feel like a holiday.

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In this blog we’re sharing a few ideas on how to bring the fresh seaside feels to your home and make staying at home feel like a coastal retreat.

How to Create a Coastal Chic Home Interior

Is there anything better than fresh salty air, rolling waves, warm sand and tucking into fish and chips on the pier?

You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities that being beachside brings.  There are lots of simple ways to bring a carefree and relaxed seaside feel to your home without going crazy with shells and nautical motifs!

Modern coastal interior design is light, minimal and fresh.  Inspired by organic colours and natural textures such as light driftwoods.   Natural fibre rugs, woven baskets and easy-care fabrics like cotton and linen can all be incorporated into your space to create that relaxed, laid back feel that the coastal look is all about.

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Coastal Furniture

To evoke that seaside spirit in your home, comfort is the key to create a room where you can relax and unwind. Think about the textures, materials and the colours that remind you of being by the coast and incorporate them into your space.

Stripes are an obvious choice when thinking of a coastal theme and they add a sophisticated charm and add pattern to a neutral scheme. If you don’t want to commit to a full striped sofa, an armchair, rug or cushions will create a chic coastal feel.

Linen fabrics add to the care-free and relaxed feel and introduces a lovely soft and subtle texture. Casual linen drapes are wonderfully breezy, especially lovely when they ruffle in the summer breeze.

Go rough and rustic with furniture or a few homeware pieces (if shabby chic isn’t your thing).  Pieces that have aged with character or have a rough edge much like the textures you’d find at the seaside, on seashells, a shingle beach, sea weathered wooden posts. The key to emulating the beach look is embracing all its imperfections and not-so-perfect finishes. The feel is textural and relaxed.

Watery Palettes

Keep things simple and classic with clean lines and a blue and white colour palette. White walls instantly turn down the visual thermostat, while blue accents will provide a modern, sophisticated take on seaside style.

Ocean blues are a key colour trend for the year and is a colour that is known for its association with peace, calm and comfort.  Varying from deep inky tones through to soft aquas and teals, blue is the perfect colour for creating a tranquil home.

White walls and a pale floor work perfectly with a deep blue sofa and light grey cushions. Work in warm neutral tones on upholstery, flooring and wood trims to warm the white and soft blue tones.

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Driftwood is a wonderful material to add a feeling of relaxed coastal charm.

The travels and environmental forces a piece of driftwood has experienced, embellishes the wood in aesthetically interesting ways, resulting in a wide range of intricate and beautiful shapes and patterns.

From crafted coffee tables, shelving, wall panelling and homeware there   are lots of unique driftwood pieces available.

Or you could scavenge your own pieces from your favourite beaches and display them on your mantlepiece or get crafty and create your own ornamental piece.

Woven Accents

Seagrass trays, woven baskets and lampshades will instantly add that feeling of coastal living with their sandy colours and natural textures.

Nautical Nods

You don’t need to clutter your space with nautical motifs to create a beachy interior.  Modern coastal interior design is minimal and fresh, but you might want to finish your space with a few pieces that make you feel like you’re living your coastal retreat, even if your home is landlocked.

Some coastal décor ideas might be a handsome model sailboat, hurricane lanterns, framed maps, or a porthole mirror can transform your fireplace or shelves with those coastal feels. A couple of large white conch shells used as bookends, mantelpiece décor or whenever you want to listen to the sea!  Large Chiglia shells make great decorative bowls for your coffee table and will add an understated look.

A gallery wall of snapshots taken at the seaside is a simple way to transport you back to your favourite destination and be reminded of your happy place.

(For ideas on how to style your mantelpiece like a pro, check out this piece Tips for Styling your Mantelpiece)

Beach Scents

Find a candle that captures the essence of that favourite location and transport yourself back whenever you need some R&R. We particularly love the Rock Salt and Driftwood candle by the Wax and Wick Workshop.  It has a Fresh, floral marine scent with refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae, enhanced by notes of cyclamen and water lily.

Mood boarding

A good way to start designing your Coastal Home Retreat is creating a mood board of items that remind you of your favourite coast, adding in the colours and textures that will create your perfect home haven.  It’s a great way to build a visual picture of how your favourite pieces will work together.  Here’s one we recently created for a home design project where the brief was a ‘modern coastal’ vibe.

Feel inspired to add some Coastal Chic to your home?  Check out our Homeware pieces and get creating your very own Home Escape.


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