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Home Escapes – How to Create a Scandinavian Home Interior

Posted on: 26.09.2021

Hygge for Home

A Nordic escape, whatever the time of year, is a beautiful and enriching experience.  Pine forests, fjords, exquisite lakes and epic mountain landscapes, Scandinavia and Finland is a paradise for nature loving travellers.

If this sounds like your idea of bliss, we’ll show you how you don’t need to travel to the archipelago to capture the experience at home.

How to Create Your Nordic Nest

Scandinavia is renowned for its distinctive pared-back style and clean lines, where form and function are combined to create aesthetically pleasing and practical interiors.

Scandinavian design is all about achieving a cosy space with a signature minimal touch.  Strip it back and keep it simple with minimal decorative accents in natural materials and organic shapes. Making optimal use of storage spaces will create a more visually relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral, earthy, washed out shades often associated with nature will help achieve the hygge appeal and simplistic Scandinavian style.  Colours such as off-whites, beige and grey.  However, accent walls in dark blue, green, grey, or even black will enhance a cosy, cocoon like space.

Natural or light-coloured hardwood floors are a trademark element of Scandi interior style. Layered with natural textured or soft rugs, they exude a warm and inviting atmosphere while making the home feel bright and spacious.

The Danish invented the term ‘Hygge’ and it’s all about atmosphere, experience and contentment, rather than being about things.

Scandinavian Furniture and Homeware

When it comes to furniture, consider high-quality natural materials such as wood, leather, wool, and linen, which will stand the test of time.   Using natural, earthy materials that have contrasting and sensual properties will enliven and add a tactile feel to your space.

Scandinavian design has always been known for its generous use of wood in its furnishings and incorporating metal finishes will add texture and dimension.

While there is an obvious minimal feel to the Scandinavian look, creating a lived-in look is the key to making it feel warm instead of flat or clinical. Think chunky knit blankets, sheepskin throws and creased stonewashed linen to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Sheepskin and Faux Furs

With fewer daylight hours in Scandinavian countries, plenty of warm layers are needed at the ready to bundle up and stay cosy. The sheepskin is Scandi staple and adds a luscious cosy warmth.

Layering beds, sofas and chairs with sheepskins will soften any hard textures and add interest and warmth to flat surfaces.

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Rustic decor

Scandinavian décor is rustic, simple and elegant.  Combining layers with contrasting materials and organic shapes such as wood and stone can help create depth as well as visual and sensory interest.

The Great outdoors indoor

Not surprisingly, Scandanavian design often draws on the nature around them for inspiration, which is why plants and flowers are popular. Once summer finally reaches the Nordic countries, Scandinavians enjoy life outdoors in the open as much as possible.

With so little light in the winter, the outdoors is brought in.  It continues a close relationship to nature and creates a living element of beauty and colour in the home.

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Let There be Light

Scandinavian homes are generally designed to maximise the amount of natural light that enters the home (having an abundance of it in summer but so little of it in winter) and allow the inhabitants to make the most of outdoor life during the summer.

Windows are an important feature in any Scandinavian room. In order to let as much light in as possible, window treatments are typically kept to a bare minimum. Curtains are kept simple and fuss-free and often in a beautiful sheer linen.  Blackout blinds can be tightly and discreetly rolled up behind the linen if you need complete darkness to sleep.

A dimmed lamp or candles will create warm, inviting and hygge feels.  If you have the space, you could even create a window nook with cushions and a sheepskin throw, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee.

If you’re windows or small, or don’t let in much natural light, remove any obstructions in front of a window and use mirrors to bounce light around. Consider the brightest spots when arranging your furniture.



The art in Scandinavian homes is often minimal or clustered, and uses the familiar neutral colours of white, beige, brown, and grey.

Feel inspired to create your very own Nordic Nest?  Check out our Homeware pieces and get creating your very own Home Escape.


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