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Making The Most Of A Small Christmas

Posted on: 23.12.2020

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Most of us are facing a Christmas smaller than we’d ever imagined or hoped this year.  However, not all is lost and we could end up discovering some surprising benefits.

Committing to a Small Christmas means we get to spend more quality time with the family members we can see, start new traditions and support our local community.

Make Your Space Feel Happy & Cosy

Make your home a wonderland retreat of festive tranquillity and somewhere you’re happy to curl up on Christmas day.

This year we’ve gone all out on our festive décor!  Not only has decorating been a great way to pass the time in lockdown, but it’s a nice way to make the most of having to stay inside more than we usually would at this time of year.

It’s not too late to add some finishing touches to ramp up the festive feels for your home on Christmas day.  Grab yourself some extra tea-lights or fragranced candles when you go to pick up that forgotten jar of Cranberry sauce!  Adding lots of candlelight and delicious smells to your home will make it all the more cosy and relaxing.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that festive decorating is all about sparkly decorations and twinkling lights – alongside the traditional douglas fir tree, there are plenty of ways that plants can be used to decorate your home and add some colour and calm to your home.  Lovely evergreens and holly grow around us in abundance.  So if you can’t get to the shops collect some sprigs from your local park and pop them in vases around your home – or create a wreath with your family.

Get out all those extra blankets, cushions that might be hiding in cupboards and ottomans.  Dress up your shelves, Texture and layer up your living room ready for sumptuously cosy snuggles for an afternoon of Christmas TV bingeing.

New Traditions

Why not let this Christmas be the beginning of new traditions for you and your family!

This year we strung up an advent calendar made up of numbered envelopes.  Rather than filling with chocolates and toys we popped in daily tasks and challenges to be completed by the children each day – from dressing up, to painting pictures, baking cookies and dancing in public.

We’ve been having more moonlit walks this December to explore all the Christmas lights that get more plentiful everyday! Let’s face it, there are a lot more to see this year – I’m sure there’s a spectacular Griswold house in every neighbourhood! Why not get the chalk pens or window paints out and get creative on your own windows for people to enjoy on their walks this Christmas day?

To fill a little more time on Christmas day you could be sneaky and hide the presents!? A Christmas present scavenger hunt might stop the frenzied unwrapping of presents being over in 10 minutes!

If Christmas music is your thing, host a virtual karaoke night with your BFFs and plenty of festive bangers? If you’re sick of the sight of Zoom (same same!), try an alternative platform such as Watch2Gether which lets you and your friends or family watch films at the exact same time.

Christmas Fine Dining

With less people to cater for you could go all out on Christmas dinner and make the food and decor that extra bit luxurious and special!  Fine dining at it’s absolute best!

Get out of the Christmas PJs and dress up for dinner, make yourself feel special and glam for the occasion. (The Christmas loungewear can wait until after dinner!)

Give Back to Community

We may have a little more time on our hands on Christmas Day with less family to visit.  So why not use that time to give back to your community and do something that will warm your heart and soul this Christmas and lift the spirits of another.

Perhaps you could give up a few hours to help deliver or serve food at a homeless shelter?  Or maybe you have a neighbour who is alone this Christmas and you could spare some time to visit them with a small gift or to simply chat on the doorstep?

If you’ve gotten to know your neighbours pretty well during lockdown get outside for a few evening carols, mulled wine and mince pies together.  Or simply arrange a time to come outside together to wish each other a Merry Christmas?


Whatever your Christmas Day looks like this year, we hope it will be a happy one!

With lots of love from Emma & Emily x

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