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Making The Most Of Everyday

Posted on: 16.11.2020

During these long days of lockdown and trying to balance work and family life, we’ve chatted to lots of people who often feel guilty for having that “zero” day feeling!  

When we find ourselves lying in bed at night feeling like we haven’t made any progress or been particularly productive, we should give ourselves a little slack during these times.  It’s a goal we’d all love to obtain – to make the most of everyday.  However, it’s important to remember that not every single day has to be super productive. It’s okay to have an “off” day, a day when nothing goes right, or a day when you don’t feel like doing much and just want to curl up and have a sofa day.

If you’re feeling like you’re having more “zero” days than productive ones, we’ve put a few tips together to help you feel like you’ve made the most of your day in a happy and fulfilling way.


Try to include some protein in your breakfast, your mind will be sharper and clearer because of it.

Wake up early – it’s an obvious one, but mornings can be quieter and more productive for some.  Getting up early will allow you time to sit down and eat your breakfast (or have it in bed), leisurely sip your coffee, read the newspaper, catch up on your social media and ease yourself into your day.

Staying mindful and present during your mornings or the times you spend with people that are close to you will help you appreciate those little “everyday” things. You also become calmer and happier, the more you live in the “now.”

Prioritising your daily tasks is the key to avoiding taking on too much or overfilling your time. Tackle your most important tasks first thing in the morning, or as soon as your schedule permits it. Yes, those “big” tasks are usually the least-pleasant ones, difficult or time-consuming. It’s important to remember that your willpower is just like a muscle and the more you use it and practice prioritising, the easier it becomes.

Time-blocking can help make the most of every day as you can set your schedule around your priorities and keep it as detailed as you wish to avoid getting lost in multitasking or procrastination.


Check your head. You are in control of your mindset. Don’t let your ego take over the positive action you took in the morning. When you hear a negative thought encroaching, acknowledge it, challenge it, and replace it with positivity.

Take a break. Whether you feel drained or energised take a moment to unplug and breathe. Step out into nature, take a power nap, or get those feet up on your sofa!

Get Physical. According to studies, people who exercise regularly report to be happier, calmer, and better equipped to handle whatever the day decides to throw at them.  So, move your body, especially when you’re feeling tired. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you happy. Happiness helps makes the most of your day. You don’t have to get vigorous, as little as 20-30 minutes of light to moderate exercise a day can make a big impact on your overall wellbeing and productivity.


Tomorrow’s self will thank you for it.

Tomorrow is another day. You’ll want to begin it with a clean slate and a fresh start. Take 10 minutes each evening to clear the clutter and refresh your home for the next day.

One of the best ways to make the most of every day and really get a fresh start the next morning is to reset and decompress the night before and let go of all the stress of the day. Before you get to bed, take some time to unwind and relax, kick back and make the most of the evening. Create a routine to take care of yourself and do something you really love- this is especially important during times of higher stress.

Rest is as essential to our bodies as food and water and air. Our bodies need to be refreshed on a daily basis and a weekly basis. Don’t neglect to schedule rest. And don’t feel guilty about it when you do.



Do one thing that you love or excites you.

Apart from the day-to-day requirements of living life, Get creative to make the most of your day. Embrace the hobbies and activities you love and bring you pleasure.

Smile. When you put a smile on your face, you program your brain to think positively and you will attract that positivity throughout your day.

Keep the positivity rolling by reading something positive every day, be it a book, blog, magazine or newsletter.

Be kind, give to someone else and express your love. Make kindness your norm; smile at strangers; make a meal for someone; donate your time; call a family member. Choosing to give to others will provide a sense of fulfilment, especially during these times that can be difficult for so many. Help a co-worker. Fund a local charity. Or just make that phone call to a friend who needs to hear from you.

The little things make the biggest difference.


We would love for you to share your experience and pictures of how you make the most of your everyday and help inspire other #cabyncrew.

Lots of love from 

Emma & Emily x

And all of us at CABYN

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