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Making The Most Of Midweek Nights

Posted on: 20.01.2020

Making the most of midweek nights

Let’s face it, the stretch between the Christmas festivities and the first signs of Spring is a long one.  Shorter, darker days, dry-January, falling off the NEW Year’s resolution wagon… there are a myriad of reasons that contribute to a slump in mood around this time.

There’s something about those long, winter nights that make us long for the weekend even more than we usually do but wishing them away won’t make them go any quicker. Here is some advice on how to stop living for the weekend and make the most of the midweek nights during winter.

Try something new

Leaving your comfort zone can be scary but, as a wise man once said, ‘comfort is the enemy of progress’ and trying something new is the quickest way to change that.

Taking up a new dance class, learning a language and joining a book club are just a few of the many things you can make a regular part of your midweek schedule to break things up. Granted, getting out of your PJs and into the world is more of a struggle than ever at this time of year but, if you want to make the most of those midweek evenings, it has to be done and the benefits are sure to speak for themselves.

Rearrange your weekend plans

Fun shouldn’t be saved just for the weekends. One of the simplest things you can do to make the most of your week is rearrange your plans. If you’re set to meet friends for drinks, swap Friday night for Wednesday and give yourself something to look forward to. It doesn’t even have to be alcohol!

Embrace cosy

They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em so, with the darker evenings set to stay, embracing them might be just what you need to change your mind-set. Hot drinks, hearty meals, blankets and candles are all things that make this time of year more bearable.

Indulge in a night time routine

Creating a self-care routine you enjoy can make Monday-Friday just as enjoyable as the weekend. Switch off your phone and laptop for at least an hour before bed, take some time to pamper yourself and get around to reading that book that’s been sat on the shelf for too long. A solid night-time routine is a great opportunity to incorporate some much needed ‘me time’ into your schedule.

Make a plan for the week ahead

If you’re not the type to take a step back and invest in some downtime, you could always use your midweek productivity to your advantage and plan for the week ahead. What do you want to achieve this week? What to-dos do you need to tick off? Being productive during the week will free up your time come the weekend to do the things that feed your soul.

Words by Mackenzie-Lian

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