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Nautical Décor – How To Bring The Beach Theme Home

Posted on: 27.07.2018

We always have a fondness for coastal-style interiors, but as ‘school’s out’ and the holiday season is upon us this style really comes to the forefront of our interior day-dreaming. Hands-up who’s been away on holiday and come home with tons of inspiration from their accommodation, the places they’ve eaten and the boutique shops they’ve perused? As we scour the travel websites, Owner’s Direct and airBNB thoughts of ‘I wish I lived there’ pop into our head and we plot how we can bring a touch of the seaside-vibe into our own home.

Whether you’ve wandered the streets of St Ives or paddled in the sea around Padstow, there is no doubt that holidays at the coast refresh and revive us. It’s not surprising that the coastal style is one that is recreated in interiors time and again. And even though you might not own that dream home by the sea, bringing the aesthetic home isn’t too difficult.

A few simple tips for bringing a beach-house feel to your home:

* Keep your colour palettes fresh with white, marine blues, sea greens and weathered grey.

* Nautical stripes are a must!

* Textiles should be layered and light, think linen napkins for place settings, striped cushion pads for outdoors.

* Introduce rustic elements such as weathered wood, wicker baskets and rattan trays. These organic materials will add warmth to the scheme.

* Seaside and ocean themed artwork can make a bold nautical statement.

Above: Albi Chesterfield Sofa in Linen union Teal

One of the most important aspects of creating seaside chic is to not rush and do it in one go! It can look too contrived. Like the seasons the scheme needs to evolve naturally and organically, and it’s great to add an element to your home from every holiday; it’s fun to rummage through the local independent shops and see what treasures you can find!

If you are going for a full renovation then consider Cornish slate flooring in the kitchen and solid oak floors throughout the living area. Farrow & Ball have many whites but Wimborne White is particularly awesome. If you can a log burner provides a focal point and of course heat when the seasons change.

Here are our top picks for Cabyn accessories that add a touch of the beach life:

Shown Above:

Hekla Lamp, ‘You’re My Lobster’ Print, Large Laundry Basket, Weaver Green Rug, Salitre Table, Mushroom Pasta Bowls

If you are looking for some assistance with styling a holiday home or rental property then take a look at the talented Joy Interiors ‘Bracken & Beach’. They offer a complete turnkey service to achieve the maximum potential for your property. Lovely ladies too!


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