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Posted on: 04.01.2021

Having already completed one gorgeous home renovation on her former home (seen here) Sophie is on to her next! We caught up with her to discover more about her style and renovation tips!

Home means so, so much! It's our family's sanctuary and special place

Our house is home to my partner and four year old daughter, as well as our two exotic shorthairs, Ruby & Ra.  One of the key things we needed to incorporate in to the house was storage so we’ve planned lots of built in units to maximise the space without making the house feel cluttered with furniture.

My style is clean, pared back but homely and warm.

I’m very organised by nature and I think I’ve naturally channelled this vibe in to our home.  I genuinely believe that if everything is well planned and all belongings have a home and can be put away, it makes a space so much calmer and happier.

Do you have a favourite space or corner of your home?

At the moment my favourite space is our living room.

That’s tricky as I’m pretty fickle!  Usually it’s the room I’ve just finished tweaking!  At the moment my favourite space is our living room.  It’s a new novelty for us to have a ‘grown up’, separate space so it’s a huge luxury.

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture or homeware?

Karin Hossack. I absolutely adore her work

What, aside from our Winnie sofa?!

Probably the two pieces of pottery I have by Karin Hossack.  I absolutely adore her work and think it’s a pretty good reflection of my taste in general.

What advice would you give to someone renovating a home for the first time?

Go with your gut and compromise as little as possible

If there’s something you really want to do, stick with it and find a way!  The only regrets I’ve ever had when renovating are the ones where I’ve been convinced to stray from my original plan.  Having said that, it’s also important to be open minded as some of the best design elements happen unexpectedly, or as a result of something out of your hands.

Any top styling tips you would share?

It might not work for everyone but I love having a continuous palette throughout the house.  This not only creates unity and flow but also allows endless faffing opportunity as furniture and accessories can be moved from one room to another whenever I feel like a change!

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