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Sofa Sessions with @twopigsonehouse

Posted on: 01.02.2021

Fran @twopigsonehouse has just completed a major renovation and extension of her home. The result is a fantastic contrast of period style property with a contemporary extension. We caught up with her to discover more about her style and renovation tips!

We wanted to contrast the period style of the property with a contemporary extension.

A fresh look to the front of the period property.

A contrasting contemporary extension to the rear.

What inspired you to start your own renovation and extension project?

Originally we bought the house for its location. It was in a reasonable state but was tired and we always knew that the layout of it could be improved so we bought it knowing we would eventually renovate and extend it.

Our vision for the renovation was always to do something different. We wanted to contrast the period style of the property with a contemporary extension to celebrate the new part rather than try and blend it in with the older part of the house. We were also keen to explore a more unusual extension incorporating lots of glass.

What were the key considerations you wanted to accomplish with your build?

The main consideration when we were planning our renovation and extension was to open up the spaces within the house. We were lucky that the house was big enough but it was made up of lots of small rooms. This meant that there was no central space to gather and the house felt disjointed. We are also lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and so wanted to open up the house to the views beyond the garden.

I think the biggest achievement has been creating a space that works for us as a family and building an extension which adds to the story of the property's architecture.

What was the biggest challenge?

As with most builds keeping an eye on the budget was a challenge! Due to the unusual shape of the extension and the amount of glass, we had to go bespoke for a lot of items which of course generally came with a hefty price tag!

And what would be your top piece of advice for anyone planning their own renovation or extension?

My advice to anyone planning a home renovation would be to decide from the beginning your must haves and the things you can compromise on. As builds progress, generally the budget gets tighter so it’s good to have an idea from the onset of the things you are willing to lose or spend less money on. For us our priority was glazing so we compromised on cheaper tiles in the bathroom. Also, cake is the secret to happy builders!

Don't be afraid to speak up and say if you are unsure/unhappy about something during the build. During the build it is possible to change things so it's worth speaking up rather than leaving it and forever regretting keeping quiet.

I hope my home feels warm, inviting and a place to gather and enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine in!

How would you describe your interior style?

I feel like my interior style is something I am still exploring myself! In this house I have used light, bright interiors with black accents and greenery. I also love texture, especially wood and have tried to incorporate it throughout all the rooms whether in the form of cladding or a log stack in the living room.

Home to me means a place to share with the people you love. A place to gather, laugh and relax in.

Cabyn Long Story Sofa in Savvy Velvet Atlantis

Would you say your home reflects your personality?

I think interior wise the styling does reflect my personality as I was able to plan how to decorate it from the beginning. I have also tried to fill it with furniture and accessories which mean something to me. Exterior wise I think it’s far cooler than me!

My favourite pieces of furniture are the two ercol lounging chairs which I inherited from my grandmother. I love the shape of them and the memories they bring back every time I sit in them.

I live here with my husband and our three young children. We also have two dogs, two pet pigs and three chickens!

What influences did your lifestyle have on the way you styled your home?

During the build we made some decisions based on the occupants of our home. For example we had hard flooring put in throughout the downstairs as our dogs are the hairiest creatures alive! However since we moved in, we have also changed our minds on several things. Due to the current pandemic situation, my husband is now working from home full time so what was going to be the playroom has become his study. We then initially had the playroom at one end of the lounge but I couldn’t stand seeing the toys all day long so we decided to move the playroom to what was the snug and bring the corner sofa into the lounge.

I think my favourite space is our kitchen diner. It is the heart of the home and the place I spend most of my time. I love how light and bright it is in there and the fact you can eat your breakfast whilst watching the countryside change around you.

What is your favourite home accessory?

In my eyes you can’t beat a good old house plant! I love the freshness they bring to a space and I’m particularly keen on ferns at the moment¬†as they don’t mind our north facing house and I love the texture they bring.

Cabyn Long Story Sofa in Savvy Velvet Atlantis

Do what you love and not what you think other people will love.

What have you learnt whilst styling and decorating your home?

I feel that I am still learning something every day when it comes to styling my home! However I have also come to the conclusion that your ‘style’ doesn’t always have to fit into a certain category but can include a variety of different styles. It is about incorporating the things you love.

Fran @twopigsonehouse


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