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Style Spotlight: Christmas Styling with Jord Home

Posted on: 23.12.2020

Our Cabyn Crew love a collaboration and at Christmas there is no one better than with Gemma,  founder of Jord Home. Her beautiful rugs and throws perfectly compliment our sofas in creating a rustic, Nordic, cosy and comforting style.

We have a gorgeous range that is all natural - that’s what we really believe in - the power of natural materials to elevate your home and connect you with nature. 

I was struggling to find beautiful rugs at an accessible price point for my own home.  I discovered some amazing makers and small producers of rare sheepskins and wanted to share my discoveries so I set up Jord Home.  I love working with my customers to create beautiful spaces where they can relax and enjoy for years to come. 

Jord translates across the Nordic countries as ‘from the earth’ & represents our commitment to natural materials. We source the softest sheepskins on earth with a focus on ethical rearing and sourcing.

All of our flatweave rugs are crafted from hand on traditional wooden looms, using cotton, jute and wool.

We source natural hides from the Sami people, a nomadic tribe travelling across the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland following the rhythm of the seasons.

We are specialists in sourcing Beni Ourain rugs from the Atlas Mountains, where Berber tribeswomen have woven wool rugs for centuries to keep their families warm and comforted.

Can a rug transform a room?

Home is an area that is deeply personal to you and your family - an opportunity to embrace your own style and creativity. 

Yes definitely!  A rug can be a focal point or it can be a lovely textural element that blends depending on your choice & what you want from the room. 

We have a lot of neutral styles that blend beautifully with the Cabyn sofas and create a tonal room that feels calm and uncluttered.  Or you can opt for a ‘statement’ centre piece as a wow factor – one of our cowhide rugs are perfect for this ! 

How would you describe your Christmas style?

I love Christmas, the sparkle and bringing light and happiness in to deep Winter . 

I love Christmas and I have to be honest that I have a few ‘zones’ in my home. I have a beautiful tree in our bay window with pared back, all natural decorations and another smaller one for the kids maximalist crafts! 

I am going all natural & Nordic this year.  For me that means two real trees (locally grown). The decorations are hand carved wooden stars, beautiful card baubles from Joy Interiors and baubles filled with dried foliage. 

I have a gorgeous vintage sleigh I pop underneath to put the presents on and one of our beautiful sheepskins underneath as the finishing touch. 

The main thing for me is to enjoy it so if that means the beautiful tree looks a little ‘worse for wear’ after a few a days with the kids adding their home made decorations and new toys creating a bit of chaos then so be it! 

What tips do you have for making a home extra cosy at Christmas?

Candles and texture with lots of throws and blankets to create warmth.  I adore our log burner and I think having a real fire is a lovely luxury that feels special every evening. 

Layering is a great way to create a warm cosy look.  A beautiful central rug will warm up those floor boards or big open plan living space. Sheepskins draped over benches are also a lovely way to warm up a space and create a comfortable seating area. 

Textures are a brilliant way to add a bit of individuality to a space – a new rug or a sheepskin throw can mean you can change up your space for the winter months and then easily change again come the Spring. 

Gemma at Jord Home x

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