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Green & Botanical Interiors

Posted on: 26.04.2018

Green and Botanical Decoration For Your Home

At last we all enjoyed a bit of sunshine last week hooray! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel like it has been an incredibly long winter, and something about the recent sunshine finally breaking through (even just for a short while) has been so rejuvenating. It’s not surprising at this time of year there is a bit of a boost in people sharing/writing/talking about greenery.  Botanical inspired interior schemes are everywhere and it seems (thankfully) the ‘Year of Greenery’ is well and truly living on.

The Biophilia Hypothesis

As Kara Rogers writes for the Encyclopedia Britannica the Biophilia hypothesis is the “idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. The term biophilia was used by German-born American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973), which described biophilia as the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

Without going and getting all ‘sciencey’ this may just explain why many of us are happiest when we’re able to get outside, potter in the garden, take a walk in the park and dine Al Fresco.

So no wonder that this innate desire to connect with nature sees us bringing flora and fauna indoors, buying houseplants, creating window-boxes and (a little more challenging to most of us) creating some amazing vertical gardens that bring awe and wonder.

As well as the colour green, botanical prints, fabrics and artwork set against neutral, paired back interiors can help us connect with the outdoors and help us achieve the desire to bond with nature. Have a look at these simple botanical prints from our Art collection, a really low-maintenance way to introduce foliage all year round!

So here is our little contribution to how you can embrace the Greenery trend, perhaps not in an ‘all-out-paint-your-whole-house-green’ kind of way,  but rather by adding subtle finishing touches – vases and planters, cushions and artwork, that help you bring the outside in. Whether you like the organic feel of a muted, khaki paint finish (see Farrow and Balls Lichen, Vert de Terre and Ball Green) paired with simple, olive velvet accent cushions, or whether you lean towards the exotic and prefer strong and vibrant jade or peacock, there is a green out there for everyone.

Browse Our Collection

Long Story Loveseat in House Velvet Peacock

Connie Chair in House Edit Khaki

Rugs, planters and cushions all available via our Homeware page.


And if all this greenery has inspired you to take it into the kitchen then you MUST check out the amazing website of Bettina’s Kitchen, some of the most mouth-watering greenest vegan food we ever did see. The gluten free pizza is fab!

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