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Tips For Styling Your Mantelpiece

Posted on: 18.01.2021

With more cold weather on the way and lockdown in full force, the nation’s favourite pastime has suddenly become relaxing in front of the fire with Netflix and glass of something yum. But with the Christmas decorations well and truly gone, spending time around your fire isn’t likely to be quite so appealing if there’s nothing but an empty mantelpiece to frame it.

How you style yours ultimately depends on the rest of your interior, but there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to picking out and arranging accessories that will help you create a fireplace you can be proud of.   We share our tips for styling your mantel and show you which Instagrammers are mastering their mantelpiece styling.

Be Practical

As boring as it is to say, there is an element of practicality to consider in your styling. Trailing plants that could set alight don’t exactly make for the perfect fireplace pieces, for example. Especially if it’s an open fire you’re working with, making sure you’re taking into consideration the length, shape and material of your accessories before committing to your set up is an essential first step.

Rule of Three

With the practicalities out the way, it’s on to the fun part and there’s no better place to start than with the rule of three. There’s science behind the fact that objects look more appealing to the human eye when grouped in threes so use that to your advantage. Whether it’s a set of candlesticks, frames or a mixture of accessories, if you’re a fan of a busier mantelpiece, stick to trios. Be sure to experiment with height and shape to keep things interesting though.

Adding interest with shapes and textures by @_millergrey

A perfect trio of unique pieces by @hello_haus

Mix Textures

If your’e a follower of ours, you’ll know how much we love to play with textures!  Textures are a great thing to play around with. Plants and ceramics are just a couple of the things you’re sure to find interesting variations on and your mantelpiece is the prime spot to showcase them. Textured accessories work particularly well in plainer rooms where they can add interest, a tactile feel and stand out against a neutral background.

Shape, size and texture variation by @the_indigo_house

Elegant ceramics with a harmonious colour palette by @hello_haus

Choose a Theme

Theming your decorations will help make sure your mantelpiece set up is in keeping with the rest of the room. Whatever you decide to put in pride of place, make sure you’ve taken the rest of your accessories into consideration. If you’re a minimalist don’t suddenly start stacking trinkets up top and for those of you whose style is more eclectic, your choices should translate that.

The same goes for colour. While bold colours are a sure-fire way to draw attention to your fireplace, you’ll want them to complement the other tones in the room for a cohesive end result.

Bold, glamorous and maximalist styling set against a dark backdrop by @the_idle_hands

@_millergrey balances his mirror with simple off-centre pieces .

Hang Something

What is above your mantelpiece can be just as important as what’s on it when it comes to styling. Mirrors work well in small rooms for reflecting light and giving the illusion of space whereas bigger rooms can benefit from bolder prints or pieces of art which make the fireplace the focal point of a room.

Layered plants and objects compliment the artwork and hanging decorative pieces by @thehouseofdickenstocks

This bold and striking mirror connects the fireplace, accessories and other pieces around the room, by @theonebespoke

Paint It

Painting your fire surround can be a statement in itself and it’s another great way to create a cosy space you look forward to spending more time in. Instagram is full of dark, statement mantelpieces right now and for good reason. They’re a straight forward way to make a big impact in any room and mean you can leave the styling on top to a minimum.

This dark fireplace commands attention and creates the most beautiful focal point in this minimalist scheme by @theinteriorslady

Again @hello_haus mastering her neutral colour palette and creating interest with her clever use of texture and form

How will you be styling your mantelpiece this winter?

We would love for you to share your pictures with us and help inspire other #cabyncrew.

Lots of love from 

All of us at CABYN x

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