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Wrap Up Christmas Like A Pro

Posted on: 09.12.2018

Take a moment to picture your perfect Christmas tree. Is it saturated with shimmering baubles and softly glowing lights? Perhaps it’s topped with a twinkling star or trailed with tinsel? However you choose to decorate yours, one thing we can all agree on is that having beautifully wrapped gifts nestled beneath the branches brings an air of wonder that simply cannot be beaten.

For those of us that find ourselves invariably stretched for time, the wrapping of presents resides somewhere between delivering Christmas cards to distant friends and deep cleaning the house at the bottom of our list of priorities! We’ve all been there – sat wrapping presents into the early hours on Christmas day morning, scratting around trying to find odds and ends of wrapping paper left over from last year!

But listen close, we’ll let you in to a little secret… ready?

Wrapping can be a deeply therapeutic and highly enjoyable part of the Christmas festivities!! With your favourite Christmas music tinkling in the background and perhaps a little festive tipple in hand, the opportunity of enjoyment might even surprise you! So, grab your diary and set aside an afternoon during the week preceding Christmas – if you’ll have children to look after, get them involved too! We promise you’ll all enjoy getting crafty, creative and most importantly getting another job ticked off the list.

Here’s our guide to getting Christmas all wrapped up…

Recycle and Reuse:

  • Start checking old newspapers and magazines for pretty pages that can be recycled as simple yet stylish wrapping paper for smaller gifts. We particularly like the blank crossword design, which could even be made interactive if the clues were saved and made into a tag!
  • There’s no shame in reusing old paper or ribbons from a gorgeous gift you’ve received in the past – if you couldn’t bring yourself to throw it away, use it to bring joy to someone else! If it’s looking a little crumpled and past its best, shred it up and use it as filler for a fragile, boxed gift.
  • Plain paper such as white or brown looks sophisticated and considered, requiring the simplest of adornment to make a real impact. Snippets of rosemary and spruce can be easily foraged and look so very pretty. Beautiful old Christmas cards can be given a new lease of life when fastened to the front of simple paper or attached as gift tags with string.

Make it Personal:

  • Trying your hand at calligraphy or script writing can transform a gift from simply being pretty to one that’s highly personal. If you’re confident enough to give hand-lettering a go, get creative with your use of tags, personalised wrapping paper or meaningful designs. If you’d prefer a more polished finish to your gifts, you can download script online for free. Try 1001 Free Fonts or DaFont.
  • Think carefully about your use of colours, prints and patterns. Does the receiver have a favourite Christmas carol you could write out on the front or would they appreciate a hand-drawn sketch of a particular festive animal? Perhaps you could even use an old photograph of Christmases gone by to really pack a punch.
  • Theme your gifts if giving to a group. If you’re wrapping multiple presents for one household, or giving a little something to each of your friends, try to stick to styles that work well together and will look pretty when bundled under the tree. This will show that thought and care has gone into the wrapping and that all-important attention to detail will make for a perfectly personal touch.

Get the Kids Involved:

  • Whilst plain paper looks beautiful paired with simple string and tags, with children involved things are likely to get a little more colourful! Let them loose with stamps, colouring pencils and pens and you are guaranteed to create unique wrapping paper sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • If wrapping a present for other children, incorporate little treats into the wrapping design, such as candy-canes tied into the ribbon or chocolate coins stuck to the top. Their eyes will light up before they’ve even taken the paper off! Better still, attach a little token like a toy car or something interactive such as coloured pencils – they won’t be able to contain their excitement!
  • Use this time as an opportunity to have a fun-filled, crafty afternoon with children! Forage in the park for pinecones and fir leaves, bake gingerbread biscuits with icing for name tags, or dig out the pom pom maker stuffed at the back of the cupboard. Spending quality time with loved ones is what Christmas is all about, and if you can use the product to get one more job done, then all the better.

Words By Sophie Brentnall

Calligraphy By Immy

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